Wild West Jeeps

Wild West Jeeps

Wild West Jeeps is the first and only Charity based Jeep club in Nevada recognized by the state. Our goal is to get together, both on and off road, creating awesome memories, promoting safe Jeep oriented outdoor recreation and supporting our community. Whether you’re into mild dirt roads and scenic trails or heavy crawling and everything in between, this is the home for you!

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Video Spotlight

Check out this awesome video, created by Rob Goodale of one of our recent Copper Cache Night Runs! The guy in the orange shirt is Brandon, our club founder, doing a fantastic job spotting Jeepers up some pretty tough areas!


Wild West Vixens aims to support the women of Wild West Jeeps by guiding, educating, motivating, and empowering them in their off and on road goals. We will host some of our own runs, social events, charity meets, and hangouts while still supporting the goals of Wild West Jeep Club. Vixen events are available to paid, female members only.


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