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Wild West Jeeps holds various public events throughout the state. These events include charity based gatherings, outdoor recreational events, social hangouts and of course, the off road trail runs. We enjoy seeing everyone's faces and rides so come on out! The events you see below are open to anyone and are automatically imported from our public Facebook page. You don't need to be a Facebook member to see these! Anyone can create an event, so if you're up for the challenge of hosting a gathering, please feel free to come over to our Facebook group page and get started!!

Notice: Not all events listed here are hosted or led by Wild West Jeeps staff. As stated above, any member of the public Facebook page can create and host an event. Although event listings are moderated by the admins, your safety is still your own responsibility.

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The Vixen's Wheel N Wine - Lover's Trail @ 13 Mile Loop

When: Saturday, February 8th, 2020 @ 8:00am
Where: Petro Truck Stop, North Las Vegas, United States, 89115

The Vixen's are celebrating Valentine's! There is ONE CATCH, Ladies MUST drive and the boy's ride shotgun :) This is the perfect opportunity to get your lady to wheel!

I will have goodies for the ladies!

After the trail we will all go to La Fonda's for Tacos and Margaritas. Just like an other vixen run haha

Bring snacks and water.

Meet at 8 am , roll at 8:15 am

The Vixen's Wheel N Wine - Lover's Trail @ 13 Mile Loop

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Ugly Sweater Pioneer Saloon Run

When: Sunday, February 9th, 2020 @ 9:00am
Where: 12325 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89124

To celebrate the end of the sweater drive we will be holding an ugly sweater contest during our next Pioneer Saloon Run, prizes will be awarded to the following categories:

Best overall ugly sweater
Best couple sweaters
Best kid
Best dog

*see sweater drive for more details*

**Meet at 9 roll out at 9:30am**

This is the PERFECT run for beginners and everyone who might be interested in joining Wild West Jeep Club. Stock friendly trail through the desert to the historic Pioneer Saloon. Bring a camera to take pictures of any wildlife we may find, snacks and water. But don't fill up on snacks so you can join us for a bite of their famous Ghost Burger for lunch!


Here is a "brief" history of the Pioneer Saloon: Built in 1913 by local businessman George Fayle, the bar was formed out of stamped tin from the Sears Roebuck Company—indeed, the Pioneer looks like something out of a ghost town or Western flick with its false front and porch of well-worn boards. Inside, a 19th-century bar dominates the room, the wood worn to a soft, polished glow. The brass rail at the foot of the bar and the potbelly iron stove are both original. If you look beside the stove, you’ll see a few old bullet holes, the result of a long-ago fight over cheating at cards.

Another tragedy in the otherwise good-time history of the Pioneer involves Hollywood legends Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. In 1942, Lombard was flying back to Los Angeles after a tour selling war bonds and her plane crashed into nearby Mount Potosi. As a team struggled to recover her body from the isolated crash site, Lombard’s husband, Clark Gable, waited at the bar in Goodsprings, drunk and inconsolable.

The legend of Gable and Lombard also contributes to the Pioneer Saloons’ reputation as a place rife with otherworldly activity. Both of them are said to have a presence there, as is the target of the bullets that went into the aforementioned holes, a depressive bartender and one of Nevada’s “working girls” of another era.
The saloon’s cast of astral character resulted in featured spots on TV shows such as Ghost Adventures and made it the site of meet-ups for fans of the paranormal. The Pioneer Saloon also occasionally hosts “ghost lockdowns,” where visitors can hang out from midnight until 4 a.m., playing with EVF meters and spirit boxes and attempting to contact Carole, Clark, or perhaps just an anonymous miner.
Pioneer possesses other silver screen connections, too. It was featured in The Mexican, Miss Congeniality 2, and Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, as well as a scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that landed on the cutting room floor. It has also manifested as the “Prospector Saloon” in the video game Fallout: New Vegas.

Heading into its second century, the Pioneer Saloon remains a beloved watering hole for both locals and visitors from around the world. It’s a popular spot for motorcycle riders as well as star gazers who appreciate the dearth of artificial light. The bar now offers a menu of sandwiches and burgers (try the ghost burger) as well as breakfast. Entertainment is provided by a jukebox, karaoke, and live bands, but the atmosphere of the Pioneer Saloon is thrill enough.

Ugly Sweater Pioneer Saloon Run

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Alamo Rd to Delamar Ghost Town via Delamar Lake Bed

When: Sunday, February 9th, 2020 @ 9:00am
Where: Lowe's Home Improvement, Las Vegas, United States, 89143

This is a feeler on how many Jeepers are interested in this very long and exploratory run. We'll find out by Saturday if its a go by how many Jeepers will sign up. Alamo Rd alone is 72 miles and we can go through that in less than 4 hours, there's an entrance to Delamar Lake Bed close to the Paranghat exit that we'll take. From there I don't know how far and how long it will be

I would say stock friendly with at least A/T tires. Scraping and pinstripes are highly possible
For small Jeeps, bring extra fuel unless you have a large tank
JKs and JLs are fine, bring fuel if you have an extra fuel tank for somebody that might need it. We'll exit at Caliente and top off there to head home back to Vegas
Bring plenty of food and snacks, we won't stop to eat so eat snacks along the way. Bring plenty of water
Bring your medication
Must have CB radio, bring your HAM also
Must have spares
Bring headlamps and flashlights
Bring cold weather gear just because

This will be a very long day, this will turn into night run so you can test your light bars. Hopefully we won't need lockers...

Alamo Rd to Delamar Ghost Town via Delamar Lake Bed

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Logandale Trails Camping Event

When: Friday, March 20th, 2020 @ 6:00pm
Where: Logandale Trails

Come out and hit the trails with us all weekend! Trails will run from stock friendly like the Ute, stepped up like the Bowl and the max like Upper Rock Bottom!

We will be camping Friday night through Sunday evening. We look forward to seeing you for some trails, food and all around good times!

Saturday March 21st

9 am - Ute Trail (Trail Leader TBD) Stock friendly trail located on the west side of the Logandale Trail System. The trail travels though the valley and some washes. There may be a few small rocks to roll over, but no obstacles and no clearance issues.

- Meet at the upper bathrooms at 8:30 am, roll out at 9 am.
- Bring water and lunch

9 am – Upper Rock Bottom (Trail Leaders Mary & Brandon) Rock Bottom is a difficult, action packed rock crawling trail. The entrance to the trail is a V-notch that you tip toe through. From there you crawl up a slightly off camber hill climb till you end up in a canyon with 3 ways out. Then we will play in the sands for some fun!

- Meet at the upper bathrooms at 8:30 am, roll out at 9 am.
- Bring water and lunch

6pm - Meet us at our campsite for DINNER – please bring a side dish or something to grill up. Smores provided by the club!

- A chair is great idea to bring along
- Donations of firewood for the pit to stay lit are appreciated as well

Sunday March 22nd

9 am – 13 Mile Loop (Trail Leader Geri) This is an easy trail that loops around the main area of the Logandale Trail system. There are a few optional obstacles a little further on the east side if you want to play around more. The rest of the trail is generally a bumpy dirt road or a sandy road, which is fun to drive through a little faster. On the east side, there are some petroglyphs to be seen, followed by a fun sand dunes area where you can let loose before completing the loop.

- Meet at the upper bathrooms at 8:30 am, roll out at 9 am.
- Bring water and lunch

9 am - The Bowl (Trail Leaders Mary & Brandon) It is mostly a stock friendly trail with some steeper grade, and a few washed out areas that will need to be crawled though. All the hard obstacles have bypasses. The trail starts riding along a ridge with good views of the area. It then descends in to a wash where most of the rough terrain is. The Bowl Trail is known for the S Turn obstacle which is a very narrow and tight S turn. A locker is recommended for the S turn. The good news is that there is a bypass for it if you are not feeling very adventurous.

- Meet at the upper bathrooms at 8:30 am, roll out at 9 am.
- Bring water and lunch

Directions to the Logandale trail system:
- From I-15, take Nevada Hwy 169 toward Logandale/ Overton.
- Turn right on Liston Rd.
- Follow the road to the right and cross the railroad track.
- Follow the road into the trail system. Meeting spot is the first bathroom.

Logandale is an hour outside of Las Vegas, so please plan your arrival carefully if you are joining just for the trails. If you are staying with us Friday and Saturday night, then make sure your butt is up on time!

Logandale Trails Camping Event

Friday, March 20th, 2020