Public Event Listings

May 16, 2021 Update
Effective today, we are limiting the events displayed on this page to larger, public events such as mall crawls, charity things, big runs and major annual happenings. Everything else (small runs lead by members, etc...) can be found inside our Facebook groups. We are also working on a solid method for getting Facebook event information to our members off social media. Stay tuned!

Wild West Jeeps holds various public events throughout the state. These events include charity based gatherings, outdoor recreational events, social hangouts and of course, the off road trail runs. We enjoy seeing everyone's faces and rides so come on out! The events you see below are open to anyone with a Jeep (unless otherwise specified) and are automatically imported from our public Facebook page. You don't need to be a Facebook member to see these! If you don't see anything listed, don't worry, we're just taking a break!

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Pioneer Saloon Jeep Run

When: Sunday, August 8th, 2021 @ 8:30am
Where: 12325 NV-160, Las Vegas, NV 89124, United States

Meet at 8:30 am... roll out at 9:00 am!

Note: This is a recurring event for the remainder of 2021!

Our Pioneer Saloon run is the PERFECT run for beginners and everyone who might be interested in joining Wild West Jeep Club. Stock friendly trail through the desert to the historic Pioneer Saloon.

Bring a camera to take pictures of any wildlife we may find, snacks and water. But don't fill up on snacks so you can join us for a bite of their famous Ghost Burger for lunch!

***PLEASE NOTE!!!! IF YOU USE APPLE MAPS THEN YOU WILL NOT ARRIVE AT THE CORRECT LOCATION! PLEASE USE GOOGLE MAPS*** the chevron at blue diamond and NV160, which is literally the LAST chevron heading to Pahrump.

Pioneer Saloon Jeep Run

Sunday, August 8th, 2021