What did your Jeep get for Christmas??

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What did your Jeep get for Christmas??

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So what did your Jeep get for Christmas this year? Mine got a nice little hand tool roll up personally planned and assembled by my wife, Kim… thanks babe, I’ve been trotting around in this thing for too long without so much as a zip tie.

I’d you don’t have even the most basic small collection of tools everywhere you go with your Jeep, do yourself a favor and head to your nearest hardware store - I don’t care if it’s Harbor Freight or the fancy SnapOn truck, but get some stuff like this and tuck it under a seat, in the back compartment, or anywhere it’ll fit!

You never know when you’ll need to tighten a clamp on the trail.

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Re: What did your Jeep get for Christmas??

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Nice! I bought a boat load of tools & stuff when I started to go off road. My Jeep got zero for Christmas (well, I did rename her Miss Adventures so she did get a new hood decal)....but she will get new headlights & tail lights for the new year! Just trying to decide on which ones. Considering JW Speaker Evo J2 or KC hilites Gravity Pro and researching some others too.
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