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Trail Name Difficulty Points Distance (miles) Starting Coords Uploaded By Uploaded On
Brunswick CanyonNovice50918.2139.15716, -119.69816Max Davis03/12/2019 19:44:17
King's CanyonIntermediate9549.4039.15331, -119.81545Max Davis04/13/2019 17:23:09
Rocky GapIntermediate1,4048.0936.11768, -115.57245Max Davis04/13/2019 20:05:06
Burro WashNovice89012.1235.93056, -114.8338Mary Sneddon04/18/2019 09:05:34
Double SammyAdvanced92311.1937.10604, -113.39537Mark Brown08/13/2019 17:39:20
West RimNovice1,00910.4337.1108, -113.43888Mark Brown08/21/2019 16:59:50
Milt's MileAdvanced5331.5837.09951, -113.38616Mark Brown08/21/2019 17:06:29
Torquerville FallsBeginner68211.6937.28156, -113.30441Mark Brown08/21/2019 17:09:13
West Rim LiteNovice98511.2937.11289, -113.43792Mark Brown08/21/2019 17:12:00
Wayne's WorldIntermediate2,8083.2737.09779, -113.36726Mark Brown08/21/2019 17:16:53
BzzackwardsIntermediate1,06312.5637.09779, -113.36745Mark Brown08/21/2019 17:20:01
Genoa PeakNovice1,0319.6339.09584, -119.90989Max Davis11/04/2019 15:16:52
Leviathan Peak SwitchbacksBeginner93210.6338.71452, -119.55465Max Davis11/04/2019 17:34:23
Wheeler PassNovice1,93126.2336.42137, -115.73057Jordan Hernandez11/15/2019 19:01:55
The BowlIntermediate2,42722.4736.60272, -114.48409Mary01/22/2020 21:26:09
Titus CanyonBeginner1,00926.3236.85914, -116.84658Mary02/26/2020 12:50:57
13 Mile LoopBeginner1,21219.4136.59727, -114.48463Mary02/26/2020 12:54:46
Bitter SpringsNovice1,33426.0936.30754, -114.48989Mary02/26/2020 13:00:20

WWJ Map Information

Welcome to the Wild West Jeeps Trail Map! This section of the website is a massive work in progress. As you may have realized, this map is very basic at the moment. The goal of this map system is to provide website visitors and trail enthusiasts with a listing of off-road trails in the western region of the United States.

Currently, you can upload a GPX file and have it displayed on the map immediately. You can also view a list of all uploaded trails. If you click on one of them, the map will fly to the starting point of that trail.

We are looking for ideas and opinions on this system. If you can think of something to change, add or remove, please email it to max@wildwestjeeps.com

Some Upcoming Features: