Upload A Trail

Here, you can upload a GPX file to our trail database and it will be added immediately! Remember, this is a free, community driven project. Please do not attempt to abuse the system. All uploaded data is immediately sent to and reviewed by the website administrators. Any inappropriate content, or data discovered to be intentionally inaccurate, will be removed.

Important Information
Currently, our system only supports GPX files which meet the following requirements:
1) File must have a ".gpx" extension
2) File must be in valid GPX format
3) Maximum file size is 4MB
4) Must have at least one track (trk) or route (rte) segment
5) Must have at least 10 coordinate points

If your file does not meet ALL of the above requirements, it will be automatically rejected. If you believe your file meets the above requirements and is still being rejected, please email the file to webadmin@wildwestjeeps.com along with the trail name, description, rating, any recommendations and your name.

For more details on GPX files, HERE is a great writeup by HikingGuy, with all the information you could possibly need, and then some!

Press UPLOAD when ready!